Friday, July 27, 2007

Ambien and Napien - The Simpsons.

For reasons known to me and a few others, I found these stupid funny. Homer gets all hopped up an Ambien and turns into a zombie. Watch them in order.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Underwear Underthere

 Like any yoga uniform wearing mom out there I am obsessed with  Lululemon pants  (honey you read this, wanna buy me a present or many presents?) but realize that the visible panty-line was becoming an issue. When you buy pants specifically designed to make your sagging derriere look nice you shouldn't be putting a big old panty-line picture frame around it. So now comes my issue, and remarkably a solution. 

I hate thong underwear. I hate things shoved up my ass. I hate visible panty-lines. Dilemma much? 

I have tried "seamless" boy cut underwear from many sources  and have never found a truly invisible pair, seamless my arse. Last month I went to laSenza and bought a stack of these hoping that maybe finally I would have a solution to my problem. 

Wonder of wonders, no more visible panty-lines, and nothing shoved up my ass. At the time they were on a super special of 5 for 25$ and I bought 2 thongs in the same material as a last ditch effort to hide the lines. Although a thong up my ass looks much like a 747 landing in the Grand Canyon, I admit this material is comfortable and seems to make Dad! happy. And yes the regular cut underwear is virtually invisible under my pants too.

For us humble Canadians they ship for free with orders over 69$ (who comes up with that number, 69$ free shipping at a lingerie store? dirty buggers), so you don't have to dig through the mess of piles in the store (you all know what I am talking about).

Now if they could just make a bra that fits a woman (not a jiggle-boobed teenager)  I would be set.


I went to the website, where there is a crazy ass sale and then googled some coupon codes. So if you want stuff you get free shipping if the total is over 69$ BUT if you add VISA2007B as a coupon code you get an ADDITIONAL 15% off. It adds up fast since I bought more underwear (5 pairs), a lightweight robe, a pair of Yoga pants, a pair of cargo pants and a nice t-shirt (total with free shipping and coupon code used 89$) BARGAIN!!!!!

Diaper Update

So, last night I tried the Pampers Cruisers overnight since I have been religious about using Huggies at night. I must say I am not impressed this morning. Rito had a particularly wet night and topped it off with a morning #2 and when I walked into the room, it didn't stink but the gel that absorbs everything was all over the place. 

It was in his hair, all over the bars of the crib, stuck to the bedding and on the beloved stuffed evil accomplice Monkey.  To top it off Rito was pulling the gel out of his diaper by the handful. I have NEVER had such a mess since the great puking incident of March 2007.

So maybe it was just a one-off, but I will be repeating the night test tonight since most mornings there is no number 2 to deal with. 

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Just wondering what people are using for diapers on their kids. Right now we really like Pampers Cruisers (size 3) in this house, but I use Huggies at night for leak avoidance (I admit I have not given the pampers cruisers and overnight test). We have NEVER had a diaper rash so sensitivity or allergies was not an issue for us, just fit and leak proofing. 

I have tried all the brands out there, Kirkland from Costco (which are just Huggies), Parents Choice (Wal-Mart) Pampers (swaddlers, baby dry and cruisers), Huggies (baby shaped fit and supreme) and the Simply Kind (Save-on-foods brand). I used to be a 100%  Huggies/Kirkland lover, but now that Rito is able to get around I find the Pampers Cruisers hold the shape through all the movement much better. For a budget diaper, you can't beat the Simply Kind ones, they are great for daytime use (not through a whole night though) and you can pick up the big bag for 10$ on sale a couple times a month.

I am now pondering the Teddy's Choice Supreme from Superstore... I may try them for daytime use and keep my Huggies/Pampers for nights. I worry because we HATED the Parents Choice diapers from Wal-Mart, they sucked.

What do you all use? Why? What didn't work for you? 

Monday, July 16, 2007

Interview time...

Right so I really don't have a clue what to post about (damn this blasted mini cold) so I figured I would interview my son and translate the answers for you....

Q. What is your favorite toy? 
A. MMblppukk tititi ttt splech digdig      didididede blep bli boo
Translation: My stuffed Monkey, he kinda  stinks and needs frequent bathing but I think it  is because I spit food onto his nose. 

Q. Why do you climb everything in sight?
A. babababaaaaaaa dididdededede ti ti ti ti (clapping hands the whole time)
Translation: It drives Mamamama nuts and it is funny to see her run after me when I climb    things.

Q. BuddyLove likes to play with you, but why must you head-but her all the time?
A. DigDig tititit beehhhh baaah spilddle doo (pointing finger at me)
Translation: So she knows who is the boss, and it is me! I also growl at her for good measure.

Q. What is with the diaper changing drama? 
A. Mamamamama didid dee dahh subequeedoo  dahhh dahhh. 
Translation:  I am trying to help Mamamama. By crawling away I am trying to get a breeze on my bits and pieces to dry off faster. I scream so you can find me. 

Q. Where is the knob to Dad!'s stereo? It has been missing for a while now. 
A. Blip blopp quedoo squee bloo dah dah daaaaaaa tititi da
Translation: You are not looking hard enough, I will never tell (smiles devilishly).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The climbing boy

The terrible twos have started in this house. Although Rito is only 12.5 months old he has started with the picky eating, temper tantrums and getting into and climbing everything in sight. Rito has always been a climber, which seems nuts for a kid who will not walk regularly, but in the past week he has started climbing the following:

  • up the couch over the cushions and down the backside 
  • on top of the toilet to play with items on the toilet tank
  • on top of the coffee table 
  • up the dividing wall between the kitchen and family room (ending up 3 feet off the floor)
  • on top of multiple toys to get at items on our bar
  • tried to climb the railings going up the stairs
  • he is opening and closing everything in sight and getting into anything he shouldn't

As well, he has realized that there are shiny doorknobs and has been trying to open those too. I always thought kids were not supposed to know how to jump at this age, but he can do a little hop to make contact with the doorknobs. 

Now for the photographic evidence:

Stealing my car keys and later getting my fancy sunglasses, the stuffed monkey is his evil accomplice, Monkey is NEVER far behind him....

Sitting on the coffee table, just because he can...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Template complete until new ideas spawn.


I am done your template. I do want to eventually fit in a secondary photo bar or choose a different photo for your header, but that is your choice what you want up there, what is there is just a place holder for now. As well depending ton the photo the font weight, size, spacing and color will change to work with putting the title on the photo. 

If you see my laundromat page back, and you have not seen the approximation of what your site will me let me know I will repost the HTML. 

Enough with my technical crap, I am drinking a glass of wine before bed. 

Mad Dad Skillz

The last 2.5 days Dad! has been in charge of all things Rito since Dad! is on holidays and poor Mamamama still has to work. I really thought a couple of nights with Rito getting up in the middle of the night and the ongoing temper tantrums would really make Dad! appreciate all that I do. 

Nope. Not at all. 


Because the men in this house are banding against me and Rito has been on his model super baby best behavior. For example: 
  • sleeping through the night
  • sleeping 8 hours and then getting up for a glass of milk and sleeping another 4
  • minimal temper tantrums
  • eating well
  • eating without spitting out his food
  • sitting nicely at the dinner table each night and eating what we eat

I would also like to point out that Dad! has also been on his best behaviour:
  • mowing the lawn
  • washing cars
  • changing oil
  • taking Mamamama out to dinner
  • cooking dinner
  • ordering pizza
  • taking care of all things Rito
  • taking care of all things BuddyLove

So now that I know my men are more then capable without me, it is going to 
bite Dad! in the ass because now I expect more from him.

Next time honey, do the laundry too, I am still drowning in it.

P.S. Dad! I think you are hot being all Daddy-in-charge, it almost makes 
my uterus hurt. 

Monday, July 09, 2007

Getting back to normal

LittleMan is finally sleeping again, knock on wood (and any other surface around). It has been another tough month ending in 2 teeth and a nasty fever but finally I am getting to sleep at night! This week Dad! is on holidays and he gets to take over parenting duties for a couple days while I work, it should be a good experience for both of my boys......

The template testing on my site will be done in the next couple days, then I will revert back to my good 'ole laundromat page. Until then I am playing with color schemes and formatting on here until I find something that looks pretty for a fellow blogging mom. That is her cutie patootie baby girl at the top of the page. Hopefully soon she will send me some photos to put there, I stole that one from her and I am sure a bigger file size would work better. 

Sunday, July 08, 2007

That's not me....

at the top of the page, I am working on a redesign for a friend and my eyes have gone nutty hunting through the code for the sake of moving one line to the right. Since I am no where near done yet, I will finish customizing later (like tomorrow) with colors, new borders and backgrounds.

Friday, July 06, 2007

If I melted in your mouth

And not in your hand, I would look like this: 

Try it for yourself at become an m&m.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What a dollar can buy you.....

As much as I hate to admit it, I love going to the dollar store. Around here we have Dollarama which I must say is a mecca of cheap junk that you never knew you needed. That place is always packed and seriously I am so lucky they do not take debit cards because I have to go in with cash and stick to a BUDGET (at the dollar store I need a budget - that is how bad it gets) and count how much I am putting into the basket. Heaven forbid if I ever got a cart, I would be broke filling the damn thing up.

Anyways, now that the Dollarama love-fest is done I will get on with it.... this post is not about a trip to Dollarama (note to self take camera there and take pictures of stupid junk people buy) but is about something I purchased for a buck. 

Now, since I live in the same city as the MDF, Pine, Melamine and Allen Wrench craziness known as IKEA I must say that I frequent the store for many things. For a buck at IKEA you can get a decent breakfast (which is so cheap you can order LittleMan his own breakfast instead of feeding from your plate) a refillable cup of coffee (so necessary in the mornings, but they used to have an espresso machine where did it go?) or all 3 of these little toys for a dollar:

We have a shark, a turtle and an octopus...... 

Oh wait what is that I see? 

Right. An Octopus with 1...2...3...4...5..... yup 5 legs.  So what would you call an Octopus with 5 legs? 

A Pentopus*.

*all credit for the witty toy name goes to Dad! because we all know I am not that funny.

Monday, July 02, 2007

So I lied

Hells Kitchen is on so there will be no template mucking tonight! 

What a mess

I am playing with templates again, so bear with me it is gonna get messy before it gets better.