Friday, July 13, 2007

Template complete until new ideas spawn.


I am done your template. I do want to eventually fit in a secondary photo bar or choose a different photo for your header, but that is your choice what you want up there, what is there is just a place holder for now. As well depending ton the photo the font weight, size, spacing and color will change to work with putting the title on the photo. 

If you see my laundromat page back, and you have not seen the approximation of what your site will me let me know I will repost the HTML. 

Enough with my technical crap, I am drinking a glass of wine before bed. 


dog mama said...

Thanks for the coolest blog template! I am certainly inspired to be a better blogger now. Your blanket is 99% done. I just need to handstitch the opening together.

Haley-O said...

This is definitely a cool template! Love it! And, I WANT WINE! Can't though...preggers..... Enjoy it!