Sunday, April 29, 2007

Letters to my Son who can not read

Dearest LittleMan,

Thank you for getting 2 new teeth this week. I must say they are very BIG, and SHARP, and WHITE!

Thank you for staying in your crib until 7am the last couple of mornings, even though it was becasue Mommy refused to come and get you out of it until 7am. Sooner or later you will learn that is the time we wake up in this house. I don't mind you getting up once a night at 4am, but can we go back to the way things were once upon a time when you would wake up, eat and go back to your crib, be quiet and fall asleep until 7 or 8am? This new "get up at 4:30 in the morning eat and then rock out in my crib making all kinds of racket until I collapse and Mommy finally gets me at 7am" routine is getting a little tiring for Mommy (and judging by your long daytime naps - for you too). Although, I must admit your rocking out in the crib moves are pretty good (I have been watching in the video camera) and may steal a few of them for the next wedding I go to, but don't worry I will videotape my dancing to embarrass you when you are a teenager.

Thank you for eating so well this week, and finally swallowing beef without gagging. As well, thanks for coming out to breakfast with LoudGranny and I this morning and being so good. You had tons of fun in the germ-pit high chair eating fruit and eggs and hitting the spoons on the table. FUN!!!

Thanks for the 3 hour nap you are taking now, Mommy needed a "do nothing in the house at naptime" break this week, it was a long and painful week.

Love you more then chocolate,

P.S. Do you think you could hang out with Dadadadadada while I make dinner tonight instead of crawling up my pantleg? Thanks in advance.

Swearing kids

Funny Stuff....

The Landlord

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ticker factory

Looking on line for neat-o things to add to my blog, I stumbled on this lame crap. But hey, I am happy that I am finally losing the weight I gained AFTER giving birth to LittleMan (and I may add that I can zip up my coat now).

The truth is I can stand to lose 40 more pounds but 19 will be fine!

But in better news, I can have a LittleMan ticker, how fun!

And how about this depressing ticker....

Boo Hoo.

You did't get the memo?


Thank you so much for sleeping until almost 7am today, I really appreciate your efforts. Now tonight do you think you could sleep through the full night, or only get up once and then go back to sleep until 8am? Lets give this a try, I think you (and I) will enjoy it. Please do not get up at 10:30pm, 2:30 am, 4:00am and then 6:45am, because this is not my idea of fun.

As well, can you find something other then a tube of lotion and the dogs collar (which she is wearing) to chew on? Mommy and Daddy have bought the fanciest and coolest teething things we could find, they freeze up for you, they vibrate, and they are squishy yet you would rather gnaw on the dog, lotion or table. Just remember someday, thas table may be in your first apartment (praise the day!) so you may want to have it in somewhat reasonable shape (although chicks dig babies so maybe you are onto something leaving your little tooth marks on it).

Mommy and Daddy love you lots, but we do not understand why you need to climb a full flight of stairs 3 times in 5 minutes. Now I know Mommy needs the exercise but I would much prefer to put you in your stroller and cruise the 'hood. As well, the barricades of boxes keeping you out of the front room are there for that reason, they are not meant to challange your climbing skills, which are quite impressive. Please develop a fear of doing dangerous things soon, ok?

Love you more then chocolate,

P.S. thanks for the super long nap you are taking right now, but we have to be at Gymboree in 24 minutes.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Letter to my Son

Dearest LittleMan,

You know how when BuddyLove is being a pain in the ass I threaten to trade her in for a wiener dog? Well, you LittleMan are almost reaching "trade for a wiener dog" status in this house.


Because deciding to get up at 5:15am is not acceptable to Mommy. Neither is reaching your little arms out of the crib and grabbing your wooden toy fish off the dresser and proceeding to clank the fish into the baby monitor making Mommy believe that house is indeed falling down at 5:15am. You know I am a way better Mommy when I get some sleep, and more then 5 hours at some point this week would be nice. Waking up with a headache (from lack of sleep) is not my idea of goodtimes. Now I understand that you are finally catching up to all the other babies and getting some teeth this week, but seriously don't YOU think you would feel better is you slept more too?

Just Sayin'

Love You More then Chocolate,

P.S. How about cuddling on the couch with me in the morning instead of trying to eat the dirt out of the palm tree pot? Just a suggestion.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sleepless nights, tired days and everything in between

LittleMan has been sleeping like CRAP lately. Ever since he has been sick (going on 3 weeks now, but he is feeling better) he has gotten up at least once a night, and sometimes up to 5 times a night. Now I understand he isn't even 10 months old but I must admit that I have been spoiled for a couple months with a 7:15pm bedtime and him getting up anywhere between 6:30 and 8:00am after sleeping the full night. Once in a while he would get up to eat at 4am if he ate poorly during the day, but that I can handle. I miss my little sleeper, which means I am starting to miss my sleep. And ManToy will tell you that I am a much better Girlfriend and Mommy when I have had some consolidated sleep. Just sayin'.

So this means during the day we are a little tired and cranky around the house, and me being tired means I feel like I never get anything done. NOt getting anything done = Mommy feels like a big fat failure. LittleMan has also been taking his 2 daily naps into one, which is nice because he takes one long-ass nap around 11am - 1:30pm. I admit I get a lot done during this time around the house, but I do miss the 4pm 45 minute snooze where I had time to prep dinner without a little boy trying to crawl up my pant leg in the kitchen.

Seriously, between the dog sitting on my feet when I cook and LittleMan always trying to stand against my legs, it is amazing that no one has gotten hurt yet. Most likely to get hurt is me.

i also really need a decent blog design and a photo host. These blogger templates suck ass.

Know anyone cheap and creative? I think if I actually got a decent template I would be inspired to update far more often, especially now that we have the laptop with wireless.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Score, Score again, The Grandma Box and Anxiety

Score #1

My Auntie that works at the Aerosoles store was working today and I got 2 pair of shoes that do not kill my feet! I would link to them, but it appears that the online store does not carry the cute little shoes adorning my feet right now!

Score #2 with a little bragging

Clothes at H&M fit me. Woot! Woot! I actually braved the lines at the store today to try on some stuff, all which zipped up with no fat roll camel toe issues. I finally lost enough weight (only 15 pounds) that I am not pushing the capacity of real clothing and knocking on the door of the big lady store. Let me tell ya, I love to shop and that is a relief! Now I only bought a white coat in a size Large (not XL but they dont have XL there so whatever) which is still a hoodie but a fashionable one. I really do need to break the mold of the Mommiform next and get some jeans that fit soon.

The Grandma Box

In 3 weeks I return to work, which means the Grandmas (Grams and LoudGranny) are going to be taking an active part in childcare for us. I am only returning to work nights mostly, but will be working 5 day shifts a month for the rest of the summer for staff coverage issues. So i have put together boxes for each Grannys house that has stuff that you need to keep LittleMan during a 24 hour period. I have tons of diapers, shampoo, soap, cereal, baby foods, sippy cups, diaper bags (so Grams and LoudGranny can leave the house), bowls, spoons, bibs, blankets, powder, rash cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, q-tips, baby cookies, lotion andcollapsible toy containers for the toys already at the Grandmothers house in the boxes. I hope I do not forget anything too important. Which brings me to the last topic:


I am nervous as all heck returning to work. Now, going back to work doesn't bug me and leaving my LittleMan with the Grandparents doesn't worry me either. What I worrry about is how the hell am I going to continue to do it all? I know I will have to rely on ManToy to pitch in a little more on the child care front, and when he is working I need to count on the Grandparents. But, I am going to be working nights, and need to sleep a bit during the day, and make dinner, clean and see my son. This all stresses me out. I know it is only 2 days a week (except 1 week a month is 3 days) but I already feel like I am stretched to my limits. I hope I can balance it all. ManToy is out of town when I first return to work so that gives me a bit of time to iron out any potential problems.

Wish me luck. I am going to need it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Shop till You Drop

And not spend a penny of your own money.

Thats how I like to do it.

Today LoudGranny, LittleMan and I went shopping at West Edmonton Mall. There were a few things on our list to do the most important one being raiding the new H&M store. Since I am an absolute "What Not to Wear" freak I was VERY excited to see this juicy shopping destination come to Edmonton.

It is about time that the shopping selection got better in this damn town. With the ridiculous amount of money floating around Edmonton, is it too much to ask for a couple stores? Supposedly we will be getting a Coach store sometime soon and a Sephora will be coming soon (whoop! no more ordering online).

Now, I was very hyped to check out the Madonna for H&M Collection and I must say that I was somewhat dissapointed with it. I found many of the pieces to be an unwearable shiny fabric which is unforgiving even on my size 8 mother, and some of the others to be very fashion forward (shiny bomber jackets) which at my size is not something I can do. For a store that carries up to a size 16 pair of pants, I found it odd that they didn't have shirts up to an XL, they stopped at a Large (which is fine but some are cut a bit small). I was pleased with many of their regular clothes as well as the kids and babies (LOVE!!!!) department. I found the accessories to be derivative and limited in selection and I did not find one decent handbag in the lot.

I did not buy a thing (lies! I bought a gold hairclip), but LoudGranny scored a pair of pants, a pair of capris and a shirt. I will be back for clothing, but since I am in the middle of a diet right now I would like to lose another 10 pounds before working on a few summer wardrobe pieces.

Then we went to Jack and Jill to exchange my son's StrideRite shoes for a smaller size, and whadda you know? We had the right size, the little bugger was curling his toes up making me think they were too big.

Then we were going to Naturalizer shoes to see an Auntie, but she was not working today so alas, no shoes for me (her discount makes them affordable for a stay at home mom). Now for a wanna be fashionable girl like me, what am I doing going to Naturalizer for shoes? My feet suck ass since having a baby, that's what and I must admit sime if their shoes are actually getting pretty cute. I want kinda cute but totally comfy shoes now, not my old die for fashion painful shoes. That is so OVER for me!

On the way home we stopped for dinner (and got some chow for ManToy to eat tonight) and then went to Winners where my Mom and I each scored a LeSportsac Delux Everyday Bag (hers a brown dot mine a bamboo print) with a cosmetic case. SCORE! I heart LeSportsac and really wonder why I bother with any other kind of bag since I keep going back to my old L.A.M.B LeSportsac bags. Maybe i should set up a Paypal link on my never read blog where people can donate money to a Tokidoki for LeSportsac fund. Hmmmmm......


Thanks to my loyal reader (yup reader... one reader) Carbon who called me at home to see if I fell of the face of the earth.

Nighty night.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Poor LittleMan, Poorer Mommy

LittleMan is having a rough go of it lately. He is cutting a new tooth, and for some reason with each new tooth we also get to catch a nasty cold. But last night really took the cake......

LittleMan went to bed at 7:30pm, about the usual time. I listen to him at night on the baby monitor and I was happy to hear nothing abnormal happening (he has been getting up once and a while with the tooth). So at 10:30pm when I was ready to go to bed I peeked in on him, and my little angel was sleeping in a HUGE puddle of puke. He had blueberries and sausage in his ears, yoghurt in his hair and some bonus baby formula all over his face. Puke covered the wall, bedding, mattress pad, bedskirt and MrSleepyTurtle.

I took him to the bathroom stripped him down and lay him in the tub on some towels while I cleaned the mess and put new bedding in the crib. Then I washed him (he stayed asleep) and changed him.

Repeat 3 times.

It was a great night :(