Saturday, July 14, 2007

The climbing boy

The terrible twos have started in this house. Although Rito is only 12.5 months old he has started with the picky eating, temper tantrums and getting into and climbing everything in sight. Rito has always been a climber, which seems nuts for a kid who will not walk regularly, but in the past week he has started climbing the following:

  • up the couch over the cushions and down the backside 
  • on top of the toilet to play with items on the toilet tank
  • on top of the coffee table 
  • up the dividing wall between the kitchen and family room (ending up 3 feet off the floor)
  • on top of multiple toys to get at items on our bar
  • tried to climb the railings going up the stairs
  • he is opening and closing everything in sight and getting into anything he shouldn't

As well, he has realized that there are shiny doorknobs and has been trying to open those too. I always thought kids were not supposed to know how to jump at this age, but he can do a little hop to make contact with the doorknobs. 

Now for the photographic evidence:

Stealing my car keys and later getting my fancy sunglasses, the stuffed monkey is his evil accomplice, Monkey is NEVER far behind him....

Sitting on the coffee table, just because he can...


dog mama said...

But ain't it all so fun?! I have a climber and opener also. She hasn't learned to jump but will be able to reach the door handles real soon and knows how to use them. I am waiting for her to show up in my room one morning as I know scaling the crib will be next on her "to-do" list. Go Rito.

Haley-O said...

Uh oh! You in trouble, girl!!! :) And, just only gets WORSE! But, funnier! ;) So adorable!