Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Diaper Update

So, last night I tried the Pampers Cruisers overnight since I have been religious about using Huggies at night. I must say I am not impressed this morning. Rito had a particularly wet night and topped it off with a morning #2 and when I walked into the room, it didn't stink but the gel that absorbs everything was all over the place. 

It was in his hair, all over the bars of the crib, stuck to the bedding and on the beloved stuffed evil accomplice Monkey.  To top it off Rito was pulling the gel out of his diaper by the handful. I have NEVER had such a mess since the great puking incident of March 2007.

So maybe it was just a one-off, but I will be repeating the night test tonight since most mornings there is no number 2 to deal with. 

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familymclean said...

I love thongs, but at night like 'normal' undies. I bought a pair of those when they first made their debute back in Dec or Jan---I can't remember. I loved them too, but have found that over time they loose their shape---even when layed flat to dry. They sure feel good though!