Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cheap Pants

How I love a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week I must have spent $150 at Old Navy. Not hard to do you say? Well let me tell you what I have purchased for myself, LittleMan and ManToy.


4 pairs of Polar Fleece Pants
3 Matching Polar Fleece Jackets
6 Pairs of cute Socks
2 Long Sleeve thermal shirts


2 Long Sleeve Henleys
1 Long Sleeve Waffle knit top
1 Polar Fleece jacket
2 Pajama pants


3 Long Sleeve long deep V neck shirts
2 Plain T-shirts
2 Pairs Black dress pants (one in super fat ass size, one for later when I lose baby weight)
2 Pairs Khaki casual pants (one in super fat ass size, one for later when I lose baby weight)
2 pairs Black and white chevron wool pants (both in super fat ass size, but buy enough pairs you don't have to dry clean them)
1 pair brown and cream pants like the ones above
3 pairs of gloves since I always lose them
4 scarfs
2 hats
2 dressy sweaters

I think I did pretty damn well for my 150$! Today I had a full bag of great deals none of which I paid over $5.49 for!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

$1500 Dog Rescue

As much as I love ManToy and LittleMan the other love of my life is BuddyLove, our dog. Sometimes I look at her beautiful white head, smiling mouth, black nose and constantly wagging tail and I wonder how we ever got so lucky?

We really wanted a Westie and waited for a while for one through a GREAT breeder, but when a couple dogs came up for purchase we did not feel it was a good time to get a puppy as my Dad was dying of cancer. Once my Dad passed away and things settled out the breeder called us and let us know she had a returned puppy available that was a breeding prospect but ended up having an undershot bite. Well, imagine our surprise when we saw BuddyLove and her teeth were perfect (silly previous owners did not deserve her anyways), BuddyLove did have a crooked tail but who can tell when its always waggin'? When she fell asleep on the grooming table against me we knew she was a keeper.

How someone could send a perfect dog back to a breeder we never will understand. She has the most fantastic personality, is gentle, protective of LittleMan, smart and very loving and cuddly. We can only think that the last jackasses did not get to know her for the beautiful loving dog that she is and judged her by her floppy ears and double jointed tail. ManToy and I consider her a rescue ($1500 rescue) since we saved her from a life of being under appreciated and being a breeding showdog. Now she is the ultimate family member (not a pet).

Why is she so great?

Every night once little man goes to bed BuddyLove knows it is her turn for some super one on one love with us. She puts her little paws on the couch until we pick her up and settles in for a supreme snuggle with one of us.

She takes her food out of her bowl, 3 pieces at a time and makes little piles of 3 on the kitchen floor before eating it (not kidding she can count)!

She is gentle and generally pretty quiet.

She waits by the door for ManToy when he comes home each night. She understands to wait for him to take of his shoes and wash his hands before looking for love. When he closes the bathroom door that is her cue to go crazy for attention.

She is super active and frisky when you want her to be and a perfect couch potatoe the rest of the time.

She loves car rides (my last dog was scared of cars and always pooped in them).

Once in a while I cry that someday I will no longer have BuddyLove, and how will I ever get anouther dog even half this great again? I know she is only 2 years old but I still dread the day something happens to her.

BuddyLove on Dogster

Let me tell you my Dogster page does nothing to express how I feel about this bundle of love. Each morning when I wake up and see her little body in her dog bed I remember how lucky I am to have had her choose us to be her parents.