Monday, July 09, 2007

Getting back to normal

LittleMan is finally sleeping again, knock on wood (and any other surface around). It has been another tough month ending in 2 teeth and a nasty fever but finally I am getting to sleep at night! This week Dad! is on holidays and he gets to take over parenting duties for a couple days while I work, it should be a good experience for both of my boys......

The template testing on my site will be done in the next couple days, then I will revert back to my good 'ole laundromat page. Until then I am playing with color schemes and formatting on here until I find something that looks pretty for a fellow blogging mom. That is her cutie patootie baby girl at the top of the page. Hopefully soon she will send me some photos to put there, I stole that one from her and I am sure a bigger file size would work better. 

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dog mama said...

Oh I get it, this is testing for my site. Well I really like it! Okay, I am motivated. Sending pics now.