Saturday, July 21, 2007


Just wondering what people are using for diapers on their kids. Right now we really like Pampers Cruisers (size 3) in this house, but I use Huggies at night for leak avoidance (I admit I have not given the pampers cruisers and overnight test). We have NEVER had a diaper rash so sensitivity or allergies was not an issue for us, just fit and leak proofing. 

I have tried all the brands out there, Kirkland from Costco (which are just Huggies), Parents Choice (Wal-Mart) Pampers (swaddlers, baby dry and cruisers), Huggies (baby shaped fit and supreme) and the Simply Kind (Save-on-foods brand). I used to be a 100%  Huggies/Kirkland lover, but now that Rito is able to get around I find the Pampers Cruisers hold the shape through all the movement much better. For a budget diaper, you can't beat the Simply Kind ones, they are great for daytime use (not through a whole night though) and you can pick up the big bag for 10$ on sale a couple times a month.

I am now pondering the Teddy's Choice Supreme from Superstore... I may try them for daytime use and keep my Huggies/Pampers for nights. I worry because we HATED the Parents Choice diapers from Wal-Mart, they sucked.

What do you all use? Why? What didn't work for you? 


familymclean said...

I am a 100% Pampers follower. Love pampers so much, except I wish they would put an elastic at the top on the back, then they would be perfect!
I have tried them all too and I would not recomend the superstore or zellers brands. They were papery and chunky and leaky out the leg area. I had so many issues with Huggies as well. I found that they leaked and were less comfortable for the kids and the velcro tabs were too wide and cut my kids thighs, and they didn't have the mesh like pampers to pull the messes away from their little bums. I ended up chopping part of them off to get through the bag.
However with all this said, you have to find what works best for you. I have friends who sware by the Superstore brand and others who just love the kirkland. So....hey, whatever gets you...and him through the day.

ADW said...

I always used Kirlkland or Huggies. Thank goodness we are pretty much past all of that (=

dog mama said...

I have been a steady Huggies user since they became the same price as Kirkland a few months back. I do have my complaints about the Huggies however, they always leave remanents of crystals on the skin. I have tried all types of Pampers in the past and was never very impressed. Especially overnight the cruisers and the baby-drys have always given me major overflow leakage issues. I have heard Teddy's Choice is fantastic, haven't tried them. Yes the Huggies do tend to bag in the crotch but for someone who puts rock in her mouth, cheerios in her ears, and walks around with mushed banana in her hair, I don't know that she notices the diaper sag that much.

Carbon said...

pampers. just the regular kind, not cruisers, never had any incidences. Just make sure to really put them on right, making the top flap lay flush against his skin before the back flaps come to the front and stick.

All the other diapers always gave leaks in the middle of the night and I've tried lots of them.