Thursday, March 29, 2007


Last week we had our first Code Brown here in the nuthouse.

What is a Code Brown you may ask?

I was giving LittleMan his nightly bath at 6:30pm, just like normal. LittleMan had a regular day and no strange events were anticipated while he was tubbing. So, I was standing beside the tub at the sink filling the resevoir for the humidifier and watching LittleMan play with his plethora of toys when I saw this new toy in the water. I thought to myself "what toy is that that he is so entertained with and chasing around"? LittleMan was absolutely thrilled with this 4 inch long brown tube and he was trying to catch it in the water. Finally he catches it, grasps it in his fat little hand and opens his mouth wide to put it in (he's teething you know). Thats whe I got really curious, got a little closer and realized.......

It was a human hershey bar.

Thats right you heard me, I "let" my son play with his poo in the tub.