Monday, April 23, 2007

A Letter to my Son

Dearest LittleMan,

You know how when BuddyLove is being a pain in the ass I threaten to trade her in for a wiener dog? Well, you LittleMan are almost reaching "trade for a wiener dog" status in this house.


Because deciding to get up at 5:15am is not acceptable to Mommy. Neither is reaching your little arms out of the crib and grabbing your wooden toy fish off the dresser and proceeding to clank the fish into the baby monitor making Mommy believe that house is indeed falling down at 5:15am. You know I am a way better Mommy when I get some sleep, and more then 5 hours at some point this week would be nice. Waking up with a headache (from lack of sleep) is not my idea of goodtimes. Now I understand that you are finally catching up to all the other babies and getting some teeth this week, but seriously don't YOU think you would feel better is you slept more too?

Just Sayin'

Love You More then Chocolate,

P.S. How about cuddling on the couch with me in the morning instead of trying to eat the dirt out of the palm tree pot? Just a suggestion.


Carbon said...

Ohhhhhh, 5:15 AM!!! Nope that's not acceptable. Sorry to you, been there, done that! Blech.

Like the new digs :)

Sleepynita said...

Gotta do some fine tuning to this template and then I think I may just teach myself how to do this whole design thing and get the photo I took of the insode of my washer as the background.

Thats for the link to Zoot!

Carbon said...

Coolio! I think if you also google free blogger templates, you mind find others too. Not sure, i haven't looked in a long while.