Friday, April 13, 2007

Shop till You Drop

And not spend a penny of your own money.

Thats how I like to do it.

Today LoudGranny, LittleMan and I went shopping at West Edmonton Mall. There were a few things on our list to do the most important one being raiding the new H&M store. Since I am an absolute "What Not to Wear" freak I was VERY excited to see this juicy shopping destination come to Edmonton.

It is about time that the shopping selection got better in this damn town. With the ridiculous amount of money floating around Edmonton, is it too much to ask for a couple stores? Supposedly we will be getting a Coach store sometime soon and a Sephora will be coming soon (whoop! no more ordering online).

Now, I was very hyped to check out the Madonna for H&M Collection and I must say that I was somewhat dissapointed with it. I found many of the pieces to be an unwearable shiny fabric which is unforgiving even on my size 8 mother, and some of the others to be very fashion forward (shiny bomber jackets) which at my size is not something I can do. For a store that carries up to a size 16 pair of pants, I found it odd that they didn't have shirts up to an XL, they stopped at a Large (which is fine but some are cut a bit small). I was pleased with many of their regular clothes as well as the kids and babies (LOVE!!!!) department. I found the accessories to be derivative and limited in selection and I did not find one decent handbag in the lot.

I did not buy a thing (lies! I bought a gold hairclip), but LoudGranny scored a pair of pants, a pair of capris and a shirt. I will be back for clothing, but since I am in the middle of a diet right now I would like to lose another 10 pounds before working on a few summer wardrobe pieces.

Then we went to Jack and Jill to exchange my son's StrideRite shoes for a smaller size, and whadda you know? We had the right size, the little bugger was curling his toes up making me think they were too big.

Then we were going to Naturalizer shoes to see an Auntie, but she was not working today so alas, no shoes for me (her discount makes them affordable for a stay at home mom). Now for a wanna be fashionable girl like me, what am I doing going to Naturalizer for shoes? My feet suck ass since having a baby, that's what and I must admit sime if their shoes are actually getting pretty cute. I want kinda cute but totally comfy shoes now, not my old die for fashion painful shoes. That is so OVER for me!

On the way home we stopped for dinner (and got some chow for ManToy to eat tonight) and then went to Winners where my Mom and I each scored a LeSportsac Delux Everyday Bag (hers a brown dot mine a bamboo print) with a cosmetic case. SCORE! I heart LeSportsac and really wonder why I bother with any other kind of bag since I keep going back to my old L.A.M.B LeSportsac bags. Maybe i should set up a Paypal link on my never read blog where people can donate money to a Tokidoki for LeSportsac fund. Hmmmmm......


Thanks to my loyal reader (yup reader... one reader) Carbon who called me at home to see if I fell of the face of the earth.

Nighty night.

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Carbon said...

You know, I would have guessed that Madonna's line at H&M would only be great on teeny boppers or ultra skinny folks like her and celebrities. No shiny anything for me, except maybe a twinkle in my eye!

You're funny. Glad to know you didn't fall off the face of the earth, just merely shopped until you dropped :-)