Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sleepless nights, tired days and everything in between

LittleMan has been sleeping like CRAP lately. Ever since he has been sick (going on 3 weeks now, but he is feeling better) he has gotten up at least once a night, and sometimes up to 5 times a night. Now I understand he isn't even 10 months old but I must admit that I have been spoiled for a couple months with a 7:15pm bedtime and him getting up anywhere between 6:30 and 8:00am after sleeping the full night. Once in a while he would get up to eat at 4am if he ate poorly during the day, but that I can handle. I miss my little sleeper, which means I am starting to miss my sleep. And ManToy will tell you that I am a much better Girlfriend and Mommy when I have had some consolidated sleep. Just sayin'.

So this means during the day we are a little tired and cranky around the house, and me being tired means I feel like I never get anything done. NOt getting anything done = Mommy feels like a big fat failure. LittleMan has also been taking his 2 daily naps into one, which is nice because he takes one long-ass nap around 11am - 1:30pm. I admit I get a lot done during this time around the house, but I do miss the 4pm 45 minute snooze where I had time to prep dinner without a little boy trying to crawl up my pant leg in the kitchen.

Seriously, between the dog sitting on my feet when I cook and LittleMan always trying to stand against my legs, it is amazing that no one has gotten hurt yet. Most likely to get hurt is me.

i also really need a decent blog design and a photo host. These blogger templates suck ass.

Know anyone cheap and creative? I think if I actually got a decent template I would be inspired to update far more often, especially now that we have the laptop with wireless.

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Carbon said...

I hate when kids start sleeping wonky. It really screws with your mind. I'm always pooped out of my mind because of it and wonder if I will EVER catch up with my sleep!

also, i've noticed that Miss Zoot does some free blogger templates if you want something different.