Sunday, April 29, 2007

Letters to my Son who can not read

Dearest LittleMan,

Thank you for getting 2 new teeth this week. I must say they are very BIG, and SHARP, and WHITE!

Thank you for staying in your crib until 7am the last couple of mornings, even though it was becasue Mommy refused to come and get you out of it until 7am. Sooner or later you will learn that is the time we wake up in this house. I don't mind you getting up once a night at 4am, but can we go back to the way things were once upon a time when you would wake up, eat and go back to your crib, be quiet and fall asleep until 7 or 8am? This new "get up at 4:30 in the morning eat and then rock out in my crib making all kinds of racket until I collapse and Mommy finally gets me at 7am" routine is getting a little tiring for Mommy (and judging by your long daytime naps - for you too). Although, I must admit your rocking out in the crib moves are pretty good (I have been watching in the video camera) and may steal a few of them for the next wedding I go to, but don't worry I will videotape my dancing to embarrass you when you are a teenager.

Thank you for eating so well this week, and finally swallowing beef without gagging. As well, thanks for coming out to breakfast with LoudGranny and I this morning and being so good. You had tons of fun in the germ-pit high chair eating fruit and eggs and hitting the spoons on the table. FUN!!!

Thanks for the 3 hour nap you are taking now, Mommy needed a "do nothing in the house at naptime" break this week, it was a long and painful week.

Love you more then chocolate,

P.S. Do you think you could hang out with Dadadadadada while I make dinner tonight instead of crawling up my pantleg? Thanks in advance.

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Carbon said...

Congrats on the new pearly whites Littleman :)