Sunday, April 01, 2007

Poor LittleMan, Poorer Mommy

LittleMan is having a rough go of it lately. He is cutting a new tooth, and for some reason with each new tooth we also get to catch a nasty cold. But last night really took the cake......

LittleMan went to bed at 7:30pm, about the usual time. I listen to him at night on the baby monitor and I was happy to hear nothing abnormal happening (he has been getting up once and a while with the tooth). So at 10:30pm when I was ready to go to bed I peeked in on him, and my little angel was sleeping in a HUGE puddle of puke. He had blueberries and sausage in his ears, yoghurt in his hair and some bonus baby formula all over his face. Puke covered the wall, bedding, mattress pad, bedskirt and MrSleepyTurtle.

I took him to the bathroom stripped him down and lay him in the tub on some towels while I cleaned the mess and put new bedding in the crib. Then I washed him (he stayed asleep) and changed him.

Repeat 3 times.

It was a great night :(

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Carbon said...

Yup, been there. What the heck has been going around huh???