Monday, October 01, 2007

What a day. Already.

My day started at 5:30am, how about you? 

Rito decided 5:30am was a fantastic time to start throwing a party in his crib. Usually if he does get up that early (he is crying most the time) you can coax him back to sleep for a couple hours with a warm glass of milk. Today? Not so much, he woke up in full on chatterbox jumping in the crib mode. I got up, warmed some milk and gave it to him and all I got in return was a not hungry and very much awake toddler. Finally around 7am he zonked out again until 8:15, so at least I got to have a shower before the day started for real. 

We had an appointment to go to the vet with BuddyLove for some shots and an examination. I was a little concerned about her teeth as the back teeth are gathering plaque very quickly even though we brush much more then most dog owners do, so we had her teeth looked at too. The Doctor said her dental problems are very genetic, and that there is not much we can really do to stop them, but there is a concern that her back teeth are taking such a beating before she is even 3 years old. Her front teeth are in beautiful shape but she has a touch of gingivitis which is to be expected with the issue with her back teeth.  Of course you can always get them cleaned, but it is best to put it off as long as possible, because once you start cleaning them you don't get to stop. 

So for now we are changing her food for a while to see if it helps. BuddyLove is on the best food (we feel) right now but it is not known for keeping a dogs teeth clean. So starting tonight I am phasing in the new food that is known to break down plaque. We have tried this once before but likely did not stick with it long enough, so to keep us on the program I bought a huge bag of dog food to last for hopefully 2 months.  As well, we are changing to a children's or adults size soft toothbrush (currently use a baby one) and continuing with the LebaLab Leba 3 treatments to help with knocking down the buildup. We also got a new bottle of shampoo (mmm Canadian Vet Medicated Shampoo, makes her smell SO nice) and ear cleaner. 

On the good side, she is doing a great job emptying her anal glands (yay! so I don't have to, it is such a gross, messy and stinky job) and has lost the couple pounds she had gained when Rito started feeding himself and throwing her food (she was over 27 pounds at one point now she is a slightly overweight 25.2pounds which is OK with the Doctor). I have worked hard the last week to slim her down because I was anticipating a lecture from the Vet about her chunk. The only thing worse then a Vet complaining about you fat dog is your own Doctor complaining about your fat.

On the way home we (Rito and I) stopped at Taco Del Mar and shared a chicken taco with rice and beans. Rito loved the rice and beans. I never knew that until today, so he will be getting rice and beans more often. 

When we got home, Rito tripped on the garage stairs but seemed fine and kept going with no complaints. So, imagine my surprise when I saw BLOOD all over my linoleum. Little peanut cracked his lip a bit, but it seems fine now. Just shocked Mamamama (bonus though, he was really cuddly for an hour while we watched a little Finding Nemo and ate a snack and he is NEVER cuddly) to see her child's blood on the floor, and a lot of it too. I guess it always looks worse then it is.

Later, when I was peeing he went to his room and found his Bath and BodyWorks Rootbeer kids lotion and squirted it on his pillow. At least it smells great in there now. Oy.

Now Rito is napping and I have finished cleaning the basement so that the playroom can be moved down there once the painter gets his royal ass to my house and paints the room. I can not wait to reclaim a little of our main floor from the evil triad of Fisher Price, Little Tykes and Leap Frog

Maybe this afternoon we will go to a fish store and look at fish. Rito just loves them when we go to the mall, and I think he would get a kick out of them at the fish store. Maybe when he is a bit bigger we will get him a fish for his room. You know, like at that age where he doesn't try to drink from the fishbowl or eat the fish? 

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dog mama said...

5:30, Wow, he must of called Mayson and let her know how fun that was cuz she did the exact same thing on Tuesday. Not in my house do toddlers get up before 8am, ugggghhh! Got ya beat on the lotion too, try taking a bit of deodorant and then dumping and eating nailpolish in a matter of 8.3 seconds. Luckily in the bathroom on tile and I caught her before and significant ingestion happened, just purple lips and teeth. Aren't you glad we got the fun ones...