Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tampons Crafts, Just in Time for Halloween!

Next time the kids are bugging you saying "I'm bored" and "There is nothing to do" just go to your bathroom cabinet and whip out some lady-plugs and use this website to assemble some cute and sanitary crafts for the kids. 

If I ever see Rito coming home from preschool with a Tampon ghost, we are going to switch schools. Period. 

*****Found by reading comments on Avitable's Blog. 


dog mama said...

Okay, you know how when you used to click on add video to post it would only come up with an option to add from Youtube, now it only comes up to load from your computer. How can I add Youtube videos???

dog mama said...

I am so making tampon ghosts for halloween and yes ass-sniffing dogs make for a wonderful Sunday.