Sunday, September 30, 2007

At what price does kids clothing become disposable and not worth washing?

I must confess. I have an addiction (and no Dad! not just to gin, tequila, Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars and all thing fattening and unhealthy). I like to shop sales and stock up closets for the next few seasons, especially when it comes to Rito's wardrobe.

We are lucky enough to have a The Children's Place Outlet (yes Outlet, not just the regular store or the online shopping - I think even Swistle would be jealous) in our city, now sometimes the deals still suck but this weekend I scored, and I scored big. It was like the Game 7 Play-Off hat-trick in regulation overtime of shopping scores (I am from hockey country give me a break). 

Yesterday (when LoudGranny had Rito so I could get my haircut) I popped into the store since it is beside my salon and saw racks and racks of kids clothing for prices like $9.99 and then another 30% off. I thought to myself $6.99? Not a bad price for pants I should check it out. Not being the smartest girl in the world I failed to notice the 30 people in line to pay for stuff, and no $6.99 sale generates that kind of craziness. 

I moved to the back of the store and that when I saw it. Five (5!) large racks of clothing in the little boys area for 0.99. Yeah 99 cents.... not joking, and it wasn't the crap stuff either. Since I was going to be late for my haircut and the lines were stupid, I decided to be back at the store for opening the next day (this morning) to beat the crowds. 

So today, LoudGranny and I hit Hell-Mart for cheap laundry detergent and then went to The Palace (what my little cousin calls it, as in "You know that Palace store? They gots good stuff there you know" what a funny guy...) for door opening. We bought Rito a stack of stuff in larger sizes, one of my little girl cousins a few things for her birthday next summer and a whole ton of stuff for a 21 year old cousin who is a single Mom expecting her second boy in a few weeks. 

For Rito

3 Pique Polo shirts (red, orange and yellow) 99 cents each 
4 t-shirts (love these so soft! grey,navy, orange and yellow) 99 cents each
4 pairs of flip-flops for next summer (2 green, 2 navy) 2 pairs for a $1.00 
4 pairs of sunglasses (3 navy, one green) 2 for a $1.00
1 pair track pants (camo) $6.99
1 long sleeve layered looking t-shirt (beige with brown stripes) $6.99
4 baseball caps (in two different size ranges navy, green, beige and yellow) 2 for a $1.00

Basics in two size ranges (18 and 24 months) that can be layered with long sleeve onesies for inter yet my kid looks like a little Izod Lacoste ad (25$ including the two "expensive" items) - priceless.

For My Cousins Girl:

2 Tank tops (white and purple) 99 cents each
1 T- shirt (white with a pink layered one under it) 99 cents
1 Fancy tank top (white)  - 99 cents
1 Shrug (purple) 99 cents 
2 pairs of shorts (purple and blue) 99 cents each 

Birthday gift that all coordinates and looks so cute and like I spent a ton ($7 so far) - priceless

For My Cousins new Baby Boy: 

4 Pique Polos (blue, white, orange and yellow) 99 cents each
3 pairs shorts (camo, beige and khaki) 99 cents each
2 t-shirts (cute little graphic ones) 99 cents each
1 t-shirt (grey) 99 cents 
1 matching pair cotton shorts (grey) 99 cents 
2 hats - 2 for a $1.00 
2 pairs of sunglasses - 2 for a $1.00 

Rocking baby gift that looks like I spent a ton ( 13$ total) -priceless. 

Photos of my steals (kinda; it was all this stuff in different colors and some others that are not online)


Swistle said...

You have...a Children's Place OUTLET? With 99c stuff? *DROOLING*


dog mama said...

The only thing I'm glad to hear is that it ended today or I would be cursing you for making me spend more money on clothes, though it would be a small amount, when Mayson's closet is always too full. But it is too full because I regularly check out all the rockin deals at the Palace, you can never go wrong with sunglasses for 2 for $1 when they lose a pair a week. Might go see if there are any of those left, see you still got me...