Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Very Impressive Vernacular

Rito has really started to talk lately. A lot. You really need to listed closely to understand what he is saying (because he does sound a little like Latka on Taxi) but he has a lot to say. For my own use, I decided to list the words I know of that he is using and how he says it (because they grow up too fast, and alas I forget pretty fast too): 

bubble (bubba)
bananas (nanas)
socks (sox)
spoon (poon)
shoes (ooze)
going (going - he says it right)
what you doing (says it clearly)
what we doing (says it clearly)
what's that (wha dat)
juice (joos)
woof (fine it is a sound, but he does it on command) (wuf)
vroom (another sound but whatever)
wham (wam)
water (wah wa)
hot (growl the word hot like haawwttt)
done (clearly)
Pablo (pahlo)
Mamamamama (clearly)
Dad! (loud and clear)
Daddy (dah-deeeeeeee)
Mom (Mum - drag the u out as long as you can)
gum (clearly) 
bum (clearly)
boobs (bubz)
ball (bah)
Baba (clearly, my god my granny will have a heart attack when she hears this one this week)

He also has one swear down pat (and very, very clear), but Dad! doesn't want me broadcasting our sailor talk to the world..... 

I just love hearing little people talk (when I say Little People I do not mean "those who get their own show on TLC and a DUI but have released a book like this) and each day I try a few new words out with Rito. Each day I am more and more amazed at how fast he picks it all up. Sure he is not doing long division like some peoples children :) but it is nice to get some verbal communication happening.

Speaking of up, my little monkey is waking up from his 3 hour nap right now (woot woot!)....... 


Heather said...

Ah... I loved that stage!
Every day we were amazed at something new he would come up with.
Now the little dude pretty much talks non stop, same things over and over, and some days I wonder why we actually taught him how to speak at all :)~

rudecactus said...

Toddler-speak is awesome yet sometimes cryptic.

I can't believe the Little People published a book on values after the DUI!