Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's mocking me


The evil paintbrush has been mocking me from the corner of the basement for the last few weeks. In my defense I would like to say that the replacement door was just hung last Thursday and I had to prime and repaint it (even though the other one had already been done) so it isn't totally my fault that the playroom is not done yet. 


By this time tomorrow the playroom will be completed. For real. The painter comes to do the walls in the morning and tonight I painted all the baseboards and one french door and primed the other one. So once I paint the other door tomorrow everything will technically be finished and usable. 

Rito will be thrilled, he already loves to slide around on the cork flooring (highly recommend the cork floors) and shut himself in the closet (who needs a playroom when there is a perfectly good closet to hide in?). 

All that is left to do is hang the bracket in the closet that will hold the central vac hose, get some blinds made for a little window and eventually put shelving in the closet to house puzzles and board games.

In the meantime I will be drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the lack of brightly colored baby crap in my living room...... 


****edited to add that for the first time ever I hit spellcheck and had no errors. Dad! will likely be quite shocked.****


Carbon said...

Gosh I hope he plays in his playroom. I have a feeling that if he doesn't you'll be locking him downstairs because of all the effort you guys have put into that room!

Sleepynita said...

Even without toys in it he loves being down there. He spends ages opening and closing doors, it is so cute.... yet annoying. It is the one room in the house that has no "No Rito!" items in it, and I think he gets that it is for him and safe.

Kimberly said...

Whenever I paint a room, I want to keep going and going. My last house looked like it was part of Candyland!

mrsmogul said...

Yes! Key word...painters! I would totally hire painters one day, and I'm jealous a playroom! One day mrs mogul...one day...

Karen MEG said...

It took us almost 5 years to get our living room back...well, we never really had it, it was a playroom inhabited by the bubble jumping tent thing, another tent, cars, trucks, trikes ... ugh. And then along came the girl. But it's pleasantly beige again.
We just did the floors in our family room and cleared the place of toys. Most of them anyway, but they're creeping back.
I envy you... we need a real basement playroom stat!
Came here via McLean family chronicles. I like your profile ... you sound like me, except I'm like 100 years older.