Monday, October 15, 2007


Dad! and I were doing some "research" today and ran across a lit of information. Below I have a list of email addresses and Websites, maybe you can tell me what they all have in common? (you know this asshat is going to put you on his spam mail list) (a hotmail account for a man looking for votes? come on now....) (hi there, what year were you born in? mmm 1971 maybe? or was Khal4mayor07 already taken?) (nothing to say here) (hi George, come up with something better next time, like what is the L7 about?) (Peter here wants to be mayor but he is a Canadian redneck.... nothing like a banjo-playing cat-shooting hillbilly running for office) (Peterformayor's website - loves being a redneck) (who is this, and another hotmail account? Puhleeze get a real email address, it looks more professional) (would you want your Mayor to have a website called NakedCyberCafe? Good grief! Soon the capital city clean up will be clothing optional) (we get it you are already elected once, and looking at this list of fucktards you will be again) (maybe this guy is named Chris Tisking? or are we having a problem with the separation of church and state here?) (This is "christisking"'s webpage)

These guys, all 8 of them are running for Mayor of my city. Frankly it is embarrassing that we have 2 viable candidates running for Mayor in an area approaching a million people. How dare these other 6 morons even put some of this crap out there?


Redneck Mommy said...

You have a thing against rednecks????

Wink, wink.

We should get together since I'm not far fromwhere you live...

Kimberly said...

Ha! I often try and figure out emails like that. Really? Your initials and your birthday? The year you graduated highschool? Very, very lame.