Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letters to My Son 16 Months

Dearest Rito, 

You are now 16 months old. The time has gone so fast and each day passes in a blink of an eye. Never in my life did I think I was going to be a Mom to such a sweet and active little boy like you. 

Last month Mamamama had to go away overnight for a work trip and you got to spend the night and Grams house. Now, Mamamama has gone to work overnight before but I have always been just minutes away from you and know I could spring into action if something was ever wrong. Going to a different city was a very scary experience for me. I was 3 hours away from you, and I now know that I am not so good at being separated from my little man. I must admit that I cried when LoudGranny picked you up from home to take you to Grams house. The evening I came home, I was so happy to see you in the tub and having a good time while Grams was giving you a bath, but I decided I wasn't going to go away for a while because frankly, I suck at leaving you. 

In the last two months your vocabulary has grown immensely. You now have phrases you like to say such as : "where you going", "what we doing" and the newest one is "I'm running". You learned the word "stop" while playing with Dad! yesterday and finally said "Baba" to your Baba (and my goodness is she proud, her whole neighborhood knows you can say Baba now). You learn new words fast, use them lots and then the next day you quit using them (and figure them out again a day later, thankfully you have unlearned that swear word you figured out last month) and you have started adding words together like bubba-gum. I love listening to you talk, it is like music to my ears and our conversations are getting longer and more animated each day. 

The cutest thing you have done this month is start to hold my hand when we are walking somewhere. Holding your hand makes me so happy, you walk so nicely with Mamamama and Dad! when holding our hands and I am proud that everyone can see that you are my little boy. I am pretty sure I puff my chest out like a proud peacock when we are walking together. You also have been really good with your listening. Now when Mamamama and Dad! tell you to put something in the toy bin, you do it with a little coaching and you are so happy with your accomplishment when you complete this task. 

We also started in a new playgroup this month, and it is great to see you play so well with other kids. In our playgroup there is a baby who is about 6 months old and every time you see him you rock his baby seat and lie your head on his lap and hug him. This is almost cute enough for Mamamama to reconsider her one baby rule.... almost. You really do love smaller children and you always check out a baby car seat when you see one in the grocery store. You also love dogs and bark (wuuf) at them every time you see one (never mind that you bark at rocking horses at the store too); I hope you never lose this love of animals. 

We have started pre-potty training at home. You have sown considerable interest in your potty and even like to sit on your potty when Mamamama is using the toilet. Last week we went and bought training pants, and when we are spending the day at home you wear your new training pants around the house. Seeing you run around in little underwear is too cute for words. Sure we have accidents (surprisingly few) but you know what the potty is for and you do try and use it. Yesterday we got a potty book to read to you so that you will become more comfortable with the idea. I find it funny that you are interested in the potty because Mamamama really didn't care if you waited until you were 3 or older to be potty trained (and maybe it will take that long, who knows?) but since you made the first step, Mamamama will cooperate and help you along at whatever speed you choose. 

Each month you change so much, yet stay so much my little baby boy and I love you more each day. Some nights I am sad to even put you to bed because you really are such a joy to us. 

Love you more than chocolate, 

P.S. PLEASE stop walking up the stairs (and standing on them half way up), I am seriously going to have a heart attack soon if this reckless behavior continues. 
Consider these letters as your new baby book, since I am officially a year behind on the scrap-booking.

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