Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Perfect Post Awards: Miss Britt

I admit, I am a blog reading slut. 

My bookmarks are over-run with tons of blogs I read for many different reasons, most because they are other Moms or because they are laugh out loud funny. 

I love reading Miss Britt, a married young Mom of two with no guacamole making skills and exquisite taste in shoes. And the chick makes me bust a gut regularly. Once in a while though she gets serious for a minute and has a chat about depression, marital problems or domestic violence.

Becuase of this I decided to participate in the Perfect Post Awards put on by Petroville and Suburban Turmoil and made my first nomination. 

This months post (that was actually posted yesterday) about Domestic Violence is titled "The Watchers", and it is obvious that Britt is close to a person in a bad situation and has watched from the sidelines while waiting to help any way she can. She goes on to say how she has become angry and resentful and her sympathy has been replaced with contempt as she has removed herself from the situation. 

This post made me think if I really knew anyone who was abused, or at least suspected it in some situations. The statistics say that 1 of every 10 women (at least) is abused, which means Statistically speaking at least 2 of my friends is going through this crap, and seriously we all seem to be a bunch of strong girls and I can not imagine who would endure this. Maybe my group of friends is lucky, but someone who reads this knows someone else who needs help in some way.

Not enough can be said or done about domestic violence. 

1 comment:

millcreek said...

I used to think that weak women were the ones that fell victim to domestic violence. Not anymore. Now I know it can be anyone, even the most put-together, outspoken woman. Sometimes women make a choice to stay in a bad situation. Sometimes they want an intact family for their children at any. Sometimes they believe that they have invested too much into a partner and don't want to start all over. Sometimes they'd rather be in a bad relationship rather than being alone. A lot of times, women are clinically depressed and are unable to make the decisions to protect herself or her children. There are so many reasons women find themselves in these situations.

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