Thursday, October 11, 2007


I got this link from Carbon, and I think it is worth watching. That and I work this week so I am too pooped for a for real blog post right this second. 

How many times have you bought into the notion that some cream will fade your red cheeks, or hide the dimples in your thighs?  How many times have you wished that the "magic" diet pill on TV worked, or you have actually tried it realizing it only makes your pee smell funny (like asparagus) and turn bright orange? How many times have you thought that if you only had $5,000- $10,000 to spare you would be happy because your love handles would be gone?

I love make-up and beauty products, but really the whole beauty industry is bullshit. 

Way to go Dove. I love the real beauty campaigns.  BUT you still need to remember that this is still a campaign ADVERTISING their product, no matter how benign they like to make their product sound.

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Jen said...

Brilliant commerical, huh? I almost cry when I see it - ditto with "Evolution" Recently, I showed this to my husband...he couldn't handle it, said Dove went way too far at the end with the images of surgery and Botox needles. I just adore it, however, still have't seen it aired yet.