Friday, September 07, 2007

All about Meme!

Ok, for the first time ever I have been tagged by Maki to do a meme. Maki is a for-reals friend of mine who has a super cute food blog, but what is better then the food is her photography of what she makes. It is good. Give it a look over, and while you are there the picture in her header is her kitchen. Yeah, jealous much? I love her concrete counter tops with the inset pot holders and stainless steel back-splash, very smart indeed.

Back to the meme. I have to use my name and provide a tidbit about me that relates to each letter. Now since I am SleeyNita on line, I must think of ten things to tell you. Bleh on days like this I wish I used my real life name online, it would be much shorter. 

Sleep, I know a lot about sleep. Seriously.

Love to shop, dear goodness I love to shop, but it is getting more and more complicated with a toddler who wants to run everywhere and dear god not sit in the stroller. The inhumanity.

Engineering. My background is in Electronics Engineering (with a Medical type specialty) and I like to consider myself a bit of a geek, but really I am not that big a geek.

Everyone likes my car. More important I love my car. Her name is LillyBubble. She is a green VW Beetle. Most people think it is an unpractical car for a Mom to drive (and high heels are unpractical to wear but whatever), but seriously it is bigger then it looks and stands up well in accidents (unfortunately I know this too well). What is really fun about it is the fact that little kids like to hit each other at bus stops when I drive by. Endless entertainment I tell you.

Parents. I only have have one left, my Mom. She is pretty cool and full of energy. Some days I feel like Rito has been ripped off by never being able to know my Dad. He would have been the coolest Grandpa ever.

Yesterday, I got up at 3pm prepped dinner, played with Rito, had Dad! take him to Grams house, got ready for work, worked a 12 hour shift, came home at 8am this morning, talked to Dad! for a while, had a shower, checked my email, let the contractor into the house, fed the dog, watched Dad! put away the dishes (thanks Dad!), let the dog out (2 times), had Dad! make me a coffee (amazing what men will do when you ask), and updated this blog. It is around 10am now and I should get some sleep but my basement ceiling is going in today so it might be too noisy. I need to go pick some paint colors though so I may do that while Rito is chilling with Grams this morning.

Not married. Surprises most people that Dad! and I have been together over 10 years and have not tied the knot yet. Are we going to? I don't know, we really do not see the point. I guess we just are not a traditional couple that way.

Interests- stole this one from Maki, but she got off easy with only four letters. I have a few interests including reading, my often neglected blog, making movies in iMovie on my computer, shopping and food. I love to eat out.

Target. I love Tar-jay. Best store ever. I so wish we had Target instead of Hell-Mart in Canada. When Dad! goes to the states there is always a shopping list for him to fill, and he does good picking shoes out for me at Target. That's a real man girls! ;)

Airlines. Damn I think they are trying too hard to play judge, jury and executioner with their customers. Where do they get off treating people this way lately? Now the most recent one is here, and although I think the outfit is tacky, it is no different then what Paris and Lindsay parade around in, and they would NEVER be kicked off a plane for a short skirt and tight shirt.

And now for a bonus letter since it didn't fit my name and I have to add it....

BuddyLove, the worlds greatest, cuddliest, sweetest and most patient dog lives with us. We are so lucky. 

Now I get to tag someone. DogMama since you have bloggers block, you are it!


Maki said...

Now aren't you sweet. Thanks for the sweet words.

Ok, buddylove, looks just way too cute for words!

what the heck is up with the airlines? that's nuts!

ADW said...

Cute dog. I keep getting hits on my site from people searching for the airplane story.

I am having issues loading your site. It's probably my laptop, but I have issues with one other site as well. Freaky. I'm a link to ya though.

mrsmogul said...

Sigh I miss Sleep!

familymclean said...

Aww, what a great post!! And thanks for the link to Maki, I am totally making some of those dishes!