Thursday, September 06, 2007

Letters to my Son, 14 Months

Dearest Rito,

This last month has been a whirlwind with you. This month you have managed to not grow too much, yet the changes in you have been huge.

In the last month you have learned a few new things physically. Recently you have learned how to run. Now I must admit the first few days of running in the house was a little nerve wracking since you spent much more time falling then being upright. You do have the running thing totally down now and have burnt off much energy doing laps around the main floor of the house. You also started dancing a couple weeks ago, but you always held onto the coffee table each time you danced (it looks like a little jig, your little feet move so fast) but this week you have let go of the table and danced your little but off. Now all Dad! has to do is sing this little dancing tune and your little feet go like crazy. Three weeks ago you scared the crap out of Mamamama and decided to walk down the stairs (not "on your bum" like Mamamama commands you to do), you are pretty smart though and waited until it would be a short fall before you attempted this feat.

You are full of words and language now. You have added "gum" to your little vocabulary, we have not figured out how you learned this word since we don't actually chew gum in this house. You also like to knock on doors and yell "Daddy!" no matter who is on the other side. If no one answers the door, you like to find a heavy object to whack the door with hoping someone will hear you on the other side. You love to say "bubbas" which is of course bubbles in our language. This gets a little crazy though, since you always seem to want more bubbas, Dad and I started hiding the bubble containers because quite frankly, we are kinda tired of blowing them all the time. You have started saying Mamamama again, which is nice because you dropped that word for a while now and I was fearing you would never call me Mamamama again. Last night, I think I heard you say nanas too, and you ate the banana you were pointing at. Pretty cool, you can order your own food now.... as long as it is nanas and bubbas I guess.

Mamamama and Dad! love you SO much, and you are learning so many things each and every day. There is never a dull moment in our house since we had you; there is never a quiet moment in this house either but nevermind all that!

Love you more then chocolate,

P.S. Thanks for all the awesome sleeping you are doing, Mommy loves it when you sleep until 8am and take those 3 hour naps.

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Maki said...

Uh, how the heck did he turn into a little boy? He doesn't look like a baby anymore! why do kids have to grow up? WHY!?!