Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rewards and the price you pay.


Rito didn't get up until 8:15am. Leaving a happy perky Mamamama to chase him around. Alas, with all that sleep I have an obscenely perky and spirited Rito to chase around.

The price you pay: 
  • Rito has learned to open drawers today, so my pots and pans are always clanking about. 

  • Today Rito wanted to play with this treehouse toy and I keep all the extra little animals in a cheap "purse" so they stay contained and accounted for. So now he is walking around our house carrying a purse and talking like a little old lady. Should I be concerned? ;) 

  • The temper tantrums OH MY GOD! All I have to say is Linda at Purple is a Fruit summed it up perfectly today. Her little Riley and my Rito seem to be cut from the same cloth some days. 

  • Two days in a row now Rito has decided not to eat breakfast, which ends up making him cranky because he is hungry but he won't eat. It is a vicious cycle I tell you! I endured a temper tantrum over who the heck knows what at breakfast time... I think it was because I wouldn't let him stand on the kitchen table or drink my coffee. All I need is a toddler on caffeine. Dear god, could you imagine? Oy.

  • Currently Rito is chasing BuddyLove around with a decapitated snowman toy. This is the only reason I am able to update the blog before naptime

And I must say minus the temper tantrum this morning, today has been a great day with my little guy. Now if I just could get him to eat something.