Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Only in this town.......

can you get away with putting a couple dozen gerbils in a pen and calling it a zoo.

This morning Dad! and I took Rito to the zoo for the very first time. We had grand illusions of enlightening Rito with train rides and active animals in their habitats. Needless to say we were disappointed to find out (after buying train tickets) that the train was CLOSED for repairs for the WHOLE day. The cashier? Obviously not so bright. And the animals? Not so active and sometimes even embarrassingly absent from their habitats. Rito did love the monkeys (even the not so evil ones) and the Merry-Go-Round but hated the paddle boats (probably the sticky hot life preservers they make you wear in 3 feet of water). Overall, it was nice to spend some family time together but the zoo was a bit of a bust.

Lets hope I at least get a good nap out of Rito after all the excitement

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dog mama said...

Ya, SVZ sorta sucks. The Teddy Bear Gang program we did was good because you get a zookeeper/volunteer who brings out the animals by hand and lets the kids touch etc. BTW, the train is closed darn near permanently, at least until they build a new one, sometime next year maybe.