Monday, August 06, 2007

Letters to my Son. 13 months.

Dearest Rito,

Mamamama has had a run of fantastic days with you. I really like the nice little toddler stage you are in this week. You have been sleeping quite well, taking nice long naps and being generally pleasant during the day. Even the temper tantrums have been at a minimum.

This week you have been eating very well, and yesterday you even ate ribs for the first time at LoudGranny's house. We have started trying to eat with a fork, but sometimes you forget what end goes in your mouth and need to be reminded which way it all goes. You really like stabbing tortellini with the fork and are pretty proud of yourself when you get it on the fork AND into your mouth in one try. So far letting you eat with a spoon by yourself is a disaster, and there is only so much yoghurt I can handle washing off the walls.

The most exciting thing this month is how you have turned into a full time walker. For the last few months when people asked if you were walking yet, we always said "Yes, but he likes crawling better". Now your primary mode of transport is walking and you crawl when you lose your balance. Climbing has turned into a favorite exercise with you, and nothing seems to be off limits. You climb on the couch, the coffee table and the dividing wall between the kitchen and family room, some day Mamamama is going to have a heart attack watching you climb everything in sight.

The Evil Monkey is still your favorite toy, and you like to grab his tail and rub it in circles around your left eye when you fall asleep. It is so cute. Around the house you have a little toy airplane that you push around and around the main floor while laughing your butt off. I fail to see what is so funny but the look of joy on your face when you do this warms my heart right up. Dad! bought you a cute little lookout tower and slide for the backyard, and you really love that, but you like to crawl up the slide and down the stairs which is just a little backwards.

This month has been pretty warm and Dad! and Uncle-J have invented a new sport with you, extreme wagon rides. Usually this involves putting you in the wagon and running around on bumpy ground pulling you as fast as they can, and sometimes they add in a big water hazard (the sprinkler). You love this game and could play it all day, unfortunately none of us is in good enough shape to do it for a long period of time.

I am looking forwad to what Month 14 is going to bring.

Love you more that chocolate,

P.S. I am so thankful you were not in the car with Mamamama when that dingbat hit my car at the crosswalk. If you were in the car Mamamama would of been in jail for opening a big can of whoop ass on that girl.


Haley-O said...

You are SO lucky your toddler eats. It is BEYOND frustrating getting my little monkey to!

Carbon said...

YAY! A full time walker now!

also, I've noticed you've started calling him rito. when did that happen. it's cute. hahahaha.