Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Because nothing seems to be made in the USA (or Canada) anymore.

I don't know about my loyal readers, but I am personally sick of crap made in China and that crap being recalled for all sorts of safety issues. I have no problem with me being in danger, but when you piss with my son and his toys; it is time to open a can of whoop ass. 

Today I found a website full of links and information about Chinese made goods, and it even calls for a partial boycott of Chinese made items (because a 100% boycott is near impossible). 

If you choose to add them to your blog you will be entered into a contest for a  $50.00 American Apparel gift card. Info on the contest is here

Go ahead check them out! 

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mommy zabs said...

Thank you Thank you thank you :)

Tink said...

There was an article in CNN about two weeks ago about a Mom who tried to do without China for a whole year. It proved impossible. Even if a package doesn't SAY "Made In China" a lot of the ingredients in it are. Did you know we even get beef from there? I mean, what the hell do we have cows for then?

Sleepynita said...

A few weeks ago my MIL who lives in fear of chinese made goods called the 1-800# on the back of a jar of applesauce to find out where the apples were from even though the sauce is made in the USA. Yeah sometimes they get the apples were from China, WTF? They grow apples there?

Chris said...

A boycott would be impossible but it's tempting. Although I will say that while it is the fault of Chinese manufacturers, the American companies that export this crap could exercise a little oversight and prevent this from happening to some degree. It all comes down to money...laziness and money.

Sleepynita said...

So maybe I should start by boycotting Wal-Mart then, they seem to drive the need for cheap unsafe Chinese made goods. It won't break my heart to never go htere again.

Carbon said...

I think you are going after the wrong people. It's not China that is the problem, it is the companies that are not ensuring that the manufacturers are adhering to the company/gov't standards.

I worked in pharmaceutical manufacturing for a while and every company has guidelines and standards that they set and that is put forth by the goverments on what is and is not allowed. The FDA has regulations up it's ying/yang on chemicals, paints and such. It is companies like Mattel (they were the ones on the news recently recalling things) and other toy companies fault for not ensuring this, not china. The only way china is in fault is that they purposely deceived the companies they manufacture for and I would have to say that that is probably highly unlikely, since they wouldn't get any business if they worked that way.

If you want to do something, write to these companies stating that they are supposed to be living up to their brand name and motto of quality products and that you will discontinue buying their subpar/unsafe products if they dont do so, not boycotting Walmart who merely brings you the goods.

Sleepynita said...

I know there are tons of rules and regulations regarding safety in manufacturing, but they are not much good if items are being made in countries that choose not to follow rules and have no consequences (so it seems) when they break the rules. Supervison from the parent comapnies in these countries seems to be low, and their lack of follow through can be dangerous or deadly for our children.

I personally believe (be it right or wrong) that having corporations like WM (who drive much of the American manufaturing process) always trying to get a cheaper price on their goods contributes to them being made in countries that have more lax standards. Labour is much cheaper (sadly) in countries like China and and is exploited by companies like Mattel who want to supply cheaper goods to the stores that will sell the most of them; and these stores demand lower prices from their suppliers at any cost. This is a vicious cycle that leads to the destruction of jobs in America (or France or where ever else) and moves them to low cost labour countries like China (and may others).

I just personally feel that I am trying to avoid letting my son play with items that I feel could be dangerous. I also also took the same precautions with our dog during the pet food recalls (also a made in China issue).