Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Insert witty title here......

So much has changed with LittleMan lately, I don't even know where to begin. 

He has a few words now, the most amusing being Dad! (yup said with the exclamation point), so Dadadadada will now be known as Dad! on this blog since that is what LittleMan call him now. 

Buddylove and LittleMan are still best buds, but with LittleMan getting bigger, he is also rougher and soon will outweigh BuddyLove. BuddyLove has been growling at him a little now when he gets too rough, which annoys me but LittleMan gets the idea and backs off.

Recently (in the last week) he has become Master of the Stairs (in BOTH directions); Dad! discovered this at Grams house while visiting last week, her stairs are closed in so I think he felt a little safer going up and down them (ours are wide open and a little intimidating). He has morphed this impressive skill into something we call the slide, which to him is much more efficient;  instead of crawling backwards like any normal baby, he skootches over to the left side and slides down backwards. Although this is cute, he sometimes loses his balance and will probably tumble down the stairs any time now. 

My Mom (LoudGranny) recently had surgery and I spent time there last week helping her home from the hospital and staying a night to make sure everything was OK. She is doing good now, just a little slow still and she can't pick up LittleMan which totally breaks her heart. We have gone shopping since her surgery, and it is a SLOW process since we need to stop for breaks all the time.

LittleMan has been sleeping like crap again lately, damn bastard tooth. Enough said. 

Preparations are underway for the First Birthday Blowout...... but the party and all the issues (not many really) are enough for a whole other blog post.


Haley-O said...

Someone close to me just had surgery, too, and he can't lift or even tolerate the monkey's screeching (she screeches when she's excited...). It's so hard for him. Hope your mom continues to recover nicely. And, good luck with the birthday Blowout! FUN!

Carbon said...

I love the redesign too! Looks great. I am in dire need of spiffing mine up too but I just don't feel like it. It's distorted if you look at it from firefox, oh well.

My mom is in the same boat too. She can't pick up the kids and it's breaks her heart too. but soon enough.