Monday, May 07, 2007

Reasons I love the USA, but.......

1. Las Vegas
2. Palm Springs
3. San Francisco
4. Target stores; I wish we had target instead of Wal-mart
5. Better shopping
6. Factory Outlet Malls
7. In and Out Burger
8. Better Weather

(This list could go on and on, but the baby only sleeps so long.......)

But it has all gone a little too far when American "Authorities" think that our quarters are intruments of nanotechnology terror....

'Poppy quarter' behind spy coin alert'.

A sample from Yahoo news:

An odd-looking Canadian coin with a bright red flower was the culprit behind a U.S. Defense Department false espionage warning earlier this year about mysterious coin-like objects with radio frequency transmitters, The Associated Press has learned.

The harmless "poppy coin" was so unfamiliar to suspicious U.S. Army contractors traveling in Canada that they filed confidential espionage accounts about them. The worried contractors described the coins as "anomalous" and "filled with something man-made that looked like nano-technology," according to once-classified U.S. government reports and e-mails obtained by the AP.

The supposed nano-technology actually was a conventional protective coating the Royal Canadian Mint applied to prevent the poppy's red color from rubbing off. The mint produced nearly 30 million such quarters in 2004 commemorating Canada's 117,000 war dead.

"It did not appear to be electronic (analog) in nature or have a power source," wrote one U.S. contractor, who discovered the coin in the cup holder of a rental car. "Under high power microscope, it appeared to be complex consisting of several layers of clear, but different material, with a wire like mesh suspended on top."

"I thought the whole thing was preposterous, to think you could tag an individual with a coin and think they wouldn't give it away or spend it," said H. Keith Melton, a leading intelligence historian.

Good grief. I understand they are a little worried about terror attacks, but I don't think the Canadian Government or the Royal Canadian Mint is about to open a can of whoop-ass on the United States.


familymclean said...

Too funny!
I am going to add you to my list, too bad we just moved from there or we could have planned a play date. I really miss West Ed, the shopping here in Regina is not great, but other than that we are settling in. It is just different.
I agree with you about the oilers!

familymclean said...

Ya, it was a great move when it comes to house prices. We moved at a good time, made a ton of cash off the house in St.Albert and got a house with the profit we made off it. However this spring the market here has gone crazy, bidding wars and all and most homes selling around 10 to 20 thousand over list. So we got in here before the rush, whew!!
Isn't it true, everyone in AB has relatives in SK, seems like everyone there is from somewhere else...except my hubby, he was actually born there, one of the few!
Lululemon....I could live in it!