Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Dearest Littleman,

I want to tell you about how much you amaze me.

In the past ten months you have grown and changed in ways I never thought or believed possible. You have learned to crawl, attempted walking, can climb stairs at lightning speed and developed an impressive little vocabulary. You know what Monkeys are and really like the one Dadadadadada hung on your wall; and this week you have become attached to a stuffed monkey. Most days you are stubborn, noisy and are in constant motion. It is amazing that you even gain any weight since you move about so much!

In the last 3 days I have noticed something very alarming to me. You are becoming more a little boy, and less a baby. You do little boy things now; taking things apart, climbing stuff you shouldn't, pulling BuddyLove around and digging in the dirt. The things you do provide us with endless entertainment.

Although watching my baby dissapear and turn into a little boy makes me sad, I am excited to watch you become the boy that you will be.

Love you more then chocolate,

P.S. We understand boys like dirt, but please leave the plants in the house alone O.K?


familymclean said...

Aw, don't they just grow too fast!

Dustanne said...

They do grow so fast...wow! What a great letter!!!

I saw your blog name at familymclean's blog and had to check it out. I to can never catch up on the laundry, never eat right and I agree with everything in your profile except the tequila and gin....lol