Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick. Stress. And way too many brackets to count.

I decided to wait on the laser eye surgery, mostly for financial reasons. But, barring a pregnancy it will be getting done this year (go figure you can't do laser eye surgery when pregnant - and having kids is my reason to want to fix my eyes). Maybe I will do it next month, I just need a bit of time to put the extra 1000$ together. 

I had been waiting on a car repair that I have been DREADING the bill for (to do with the ABS system) and after taking it to a "friend" mechanic who said it could cost 1700$ or more to fix (for a new ABS module or 800$ for a rebuild), I decided to seek out a second opinion (after Dad! and I did some research online and Dad! encouraged me to take it to a shop that really knew their import cars). Today I got a call from the fantastic guys at the repair shop #2 with the good news that they suspect the problem is a simple $80 part. NICE. That totally made up for some of my shitty day. Getting a second opinion is always a good thing. The GreenMachine should be home tomorrow for hopefully a reasonable repair price.

Last night after Rito went to bed I had the freezing cold shakes so bad I was in tears, crying, shivering on the couch (in three piece polar fleece pajamas and a blanket). This morning I woke up (with Rito at 7am) with a fever, raging headache, shortness of breath and every bone and muscle in my body hurting. After consulting Dr. Google I decided that it sounded like I had the flu and that some rest may be a good plan. So now Dad! is watching Rito and I am lying in the spare room watching A Baby Story and playing on the laptop (I had a HOT shower and snoozed earlier and feel somewhat better but the headache still persists and I can't take another Tylenol for another hour).  I think I will feel much better tomorrow once I shake the majority of this "Flu" off. Rito goes for a nap soon, and I think I will feel much better by dinner. 

I just want to go enjoy my little boy, I miss him even when I am in the same house. Right now I can hear him running around the kitchen giggling - and it makes me smile.

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Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Have you tried long-wear contacts? If you're just nearsighted, not astimagtic, they're great! I wear mine for up to a week and wake up and can see the clock! Less risky thank Lasik and not too pricey, I pay about $300 for a set of lenses, before insurance, and a pair lasts for several years easy. Good luck on your eye decision.