Saturday, January 26, 2008

Child labour and new blog news.

I have been dedicating a lot of time to my new blog (formatting and stuff) and it is going quite well. I really enjoy that on Wordpress I can actually watch my stats and see how many hits each day I get on my site. It is encouraging to see those numbers - even though so very few people comment. I have learned that comments are like currency in the blogging world, and you need to leave some to increase traffic back to your site (which is how I have found many of my favorite blogs - through comment sections). 

I bring this up because I have realized that on Blogger I only know who reads my site by how many comments I get; which is discouraging sometimes. 

That is partially why Drowning in Laundry will be moving here soon, So for the 6 of you who comment regularly you can update your links; and for the rest of you come and see me at Cutting Back (my second blog) and leave me a note! 
Until then I leave you with photos of how housework gets done in this house. Because I know how to train men (ok, maybe just impressionable 18 month olds)...... :) 


Anna said...

I've got my son doing the cooking, the cleaning AND changing the toilet paper three...they still consider it *fun*!

Thanks for stopping by! You're welcome anytime!

Karen MEG said...

You should frame that picture to show him when he's a teen...he won't believe you! He's a cutie!

I haven't been by in a while, thought I'd pop in. Good luck with seems to have a lot more capability than blogger. I'll be interested to see how easy you find the transfer.

I'll update my reader now...have a great day1

Anonymous said...

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