Monday, December 03, 2007

I call bullshit.

I am sitting in the basement watching "The Perfect Man" a movie with Hillary Duff (from circa 2005). Yes, sometimes this is how I spend Rito's nap time

But I digress. 

This movie is supposed to be about a girl (who has her own blog, ironic) who's Mom runs away from every relationship and relocates her children to other towns where the man-pickings are fresh. The Mom works for bakers or is a baker but obviously never holds down a job for any length of time. Even "Hillary" walks in to a cheesy bistro and says "I can't afford this". 

So what I want to know is how they can afford: 

  1. A 3 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with insane architectural details
  2. A 400$ Marc Jacobs tunic for a 15 year old girl
  3. A $300 Marc Jacobs satin top (same on Britney Spears wore a few years back)
  4. I think she (Hillary Duff)  is also carrying a Fendi bag in one scene - about $1700.00 worth of Fendi bag. 
Or does she get a ton of revenue as a 15 year old blogger? My ass. Unlikely. I would think a single Mom would be getting the kids clothing at Target or something affordable

Only in freaking Hollywood. 


rudecactus said...

Hollywood...big steaming pile of bullshit. Entertaining, but bullshit ;)

Constance said...

OH I KNOW. What the hell?