Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Big One

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Dearest LittleMan,

A year ago today was the second most important day of my life. On Wednesday June 28, 2006 we brought our little boy (YOU!)home from the hospital. At first I was amazed that i didn't have to pass some sort of exam or sign papers to take you home, it took a while for me to understand that you belonged to us. The day you came home was a hot day(32 degrees), the sky was blue and BuddyLove was pleased to meet you for the first time outside of Mommy's belly (you had been kicking her for months before this).

Mommy was so very tired after being stuck in the worst hospital room ever for days on end, and went to take a nap after coming home. Daddy took care of you and when you got fussy, he took you for a car ride to calm you down; we were amateurs back then and the car ride was a helped you relax when you were little.

That night was sweltering hot in the house (because Daddy took his time getting us air conditioning), and you spent it screaming, and screaming and screaming. We thought all babies screamed; Mommy was breastfeeding you at the time, and little did she know that because of an operation years ago you were not getting enough milk. You were a hungry little man. Soon we found out that Mommy needed medicine to help feed you and you needed formula to top you up. By the end of the week (Friday night) we had a little system figured out, and you became a pretty happy peaceful baby; until Mommy and Daddy wanted to eat, then you started to fuss and we ate many cold meals after calming you down.

Daddy and I can't really remember what our life was really like before we had you, and we would never change it for the world. Mommy had a rough year before you were born, and you have made me (and Daddy) so happy and proud; I could just kiss and squeeze you forever. You are the light of my life.

Love you more than chocolate,

P.S. The most important day of my life was the day you were born.

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familymclean said...

Awww, I got a lump in my throat, sooo sweet!!! Happy birthday little man!