Thursday, May 31, 2007

Competimommies - not in my group!

I hate them. Really I do.

That is why I am so happy to be a part of a New Mom's Group that really does not seem to have much or any competition going on. Our group met taking a New Moms class through the Health Center and once the classes ended we started to get together weekly with our babies. I am truly lucky to know this group of women and their kids.

Together we have watched the kids start rolling over, crawl, cruise furniture and for a lucky few walking has already started. Some of us have weaned our babies, while a few continue to breastfeed. We share emails full of tips and ideas; we complain about our kids continually changing food demands and we talk about almost everything. Some girls go running together, some have taken a Strollerobics class and others yet have joined baby gyms and library programs together. About half of us have returned to work and a few others have opted for the summers off (lucky and smart!!). Some had natural childbirths, others had C-sections, one cutie patootie was adopted and we have a set of twins in the group. Some, like LittleMan talk non stop and climb everything in sight, others are quiet and walk all over the place. The children are all so different yet what we all go through daily is very much the same.

Today it was my turn to have the girls and babies over for the afternoon for coffee and fun in the sun. We had quite the turnout! It was great to see some of the babies (which I haven't seen for ages) change and grow up so much! In my own head they were all still little and sitting on the floor, now they crawl, climb and chatter away like little people. A few have drastically changed in the looks department whch really suprised me,

Best of all there was no competition between the Moms, we were all pretty happy checking out what other babies were and were not doing and laughing at their antics.

Is it me, or am I just a really lucky girl to have such a good group of Mom friends?


familymclean said...

You are lucky! I had a group the exact same when we lived in St.Albert. We kept getting together after the Health Center group too. I miss them so much, it was so, so, so nice!

dog mama said...

Wow, it brings a little tear to my eye, but today is my first day back at work so likely I'm overly emotional. But I agree completely Danita. I feel lucky to have met such a great group where everyone is so laid back and fun-loving. Here's to another year of loving all the little ones.

Chris said...

You know, I totally don't get it when parents act worse than their kids. Pretty sad if you ask me! Glad you found a good group of both :-)

Dustanne said...

Probably why I never did the mom's
that is awesome that you have the luck of finding an awesome group.
Congrats and enjoy!!!!