Friday, May 18, 2007

Back to the Grind......

So I have finished 2 out of three of my shifts this week. Things at work have gone well, I haven't forgotten how to do things and there were very few changes in the lab to learn. Stuff there never changes, I have been gone a year and some people are still complaining about THE SAME CRAP they did a year ago. I figure at this point they should quit complaining about it, because obviously it is not going to change. The same politics and arguments still exist, which is a little annoying too. Maybe it is my "New Mom" perspective, but I no longer care about that crap. I want to show up, do my job, get my paycheque ($$$$ YAY) and go home to my kid. That's it. I wish others would just chill out and adopt the same attitude.

Politics, it's not just for the government anymore....

LittleMan has spent 2 nights with Grams and is spending tonight with LoudGranny (aka my Mom). Things have gone well, he slept straight through the first night and got up once the second night for a bottle. He has been cranky when he gets dropped off, but I think that is because it is so close to bedtime that he is just tired by then, I am thinking of trying to move bedtime up about 15-20 minutes to accomodate this. Or I can continue dropping him off at the same time, and he should get used to it. I worry a little that Grams holds him or tries to contain him too much, he really likes to go go go all the time and if he doen't run around a lot, he doesn't take a decent nap which makes the rest of the day crap for everyone involved. I think Grams will get the hang of it in no time at all.

It is still hard to leave him at night and go to work, but I am so very happy to be working again and to me it all evens out in the end. I know as a kid I loved spending time and sleeping overnight at my Baba and Gidos home, and I want LittleMan to feel the same way too. I found having a couple photos of him in my daytimer and really spending good time with him during the day when I am awake have helped me transition back to work. Soon, we may be getting a new schedule at work, and being very part time I really do not want to work 3 nights in a row at all (I should only be doing 2 which is easy with a kid) because I find it to be too much for me, and too much to expect from the Grandmothers (granted the rest of my four week rotation is very nice - even just losing one shift alltogether would do for me).

It does get eaiser when they get older - doesn't it?

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