Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cheap Pants

How I love a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week I must have spent $150 at Old Navy. Not hard to do you say? Well let me tell you what I have purchased for myself, LittleMan and ManToy.


4 pairs of Polar Fleece Pants
3 Matching Polar Fleece Jackets
6 Pairs of cute Socks
2 Long Sleeve thermal shirts


2 Long Sleeve Henleys
1 Long Sleeve Waffle knit top
1 Polar Fleece jacket
2 Pajama pants


3 Long Sleeve long deep V neck shirts
2 Plain T-shirts
2 Pairs Black dress pants (one in super fat ass size, one for later when I lose baby weight)
2 Pairs Khaki casual pants (one in super fat ass size, one for later when I lose baby weight)
2 pairs Black and white chevron wool pants (both in super fat ass size, but buy enough pairs you don't have to dry clean them)
1 pair brown and cream pants like the ones above
3 pairs of gloves since I always lose them
4 scarfs
2 hats
2 dressy sweaters

I think I did pretty damn well for my 150$! Today I had a full bag of great deals none of which I paid over $5.49 for!


Carbon said...

Holy crap!

I can't believe it. I should be heading to my nearest old navy! STAT!

great deals lady. January is sooo great for deals. wOO hOO!

Pam said...

I totally must have hit this same sale in our area. I managed to completely outfit all 4 kids for this coming fall/winter and get a ton of new shirts for my husband as well. The find of the day were the down filled coats for my boys that were $50 originally and I got them for $7. And those were the most expensive things I bought! I paid no more then $4 for everything else - I love a good sale!

Cheap pants said...

Fantastic :)